Monday, April 30, 2007

Why Johnny Can't Blog

I have to face facts here. I just don't have the soul of a blogger. I feel as though I'm spending all this time ordering my thoughts for no good reason. Plus, it's all mostly negative. Basically it's me talking about what's wrong with stuff--with a little human interest thrown in here and there. And frankly, I just don't have the stomach for it, comments or no. So there'll probably be very few posts here at all.

I couldn't even imagine doing a humor site--making fun of ugly glasses, for example--so probably, I should hand off that domain to someone with the correct temperament for that. The fact is, that even if I strenuously disagree with someone’s politics--or choice of glasses, which are often one and the same--I actually don't like hurting people's feelings. The kind of joking I like to do--which is considerable--I prefer to do in the company of like-minded friends whose feelings I know I can't hurt in that way.

That being said, perhaps I could run a site that's about something I really like, or that I think is cute, or that I approve of, or that I'm impressed with, or that I feel needs recognition of some sort. Perhaps, there is something like that in the future.

I guess we'll see.