Friday, August 18, 2006

Piglet Must Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this fairly recent flap about whiney Muslims complaining about Piglet coffee cups in England caused me to buy this clock at Goodwill Industries. I had in mind what I wanted to do with the clock face, but alas, I have no artistic talent. Not long ago, Brandy, a talented artist did some much needed modifications with marker pen. Now reassembled, the clock resides in my kitchen.

Before putting the clock back together, I thought I'd scan it in and do a bit more digital doctoring to remove hidden lines that showed through the marker ink, bringing a couple of the numbers forward and a few other things like that. The result is below:

Now, the sword and turban were my idea. But from there, Brandy and her gang of co-conspirators got very creative, adding the black beard and marking Piglet's neck for decapitation!

By the way:

A Muslim goes into this bar, see, and the bartender... the bartender... he goes, um... (this is so great...) he goes: What'll you have? And, and and... the Muslim goes: BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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