Thursday, August 24, 2006

Teh Cray-zee Disclaimer post

So, I got this message from my daughter who lives across the country from me,

“Whoa, Mom, what’s with the blog?!? Are you channeling Dad? Your word choices sound, um, odd. Are you ok? You really miss having kids at home, huh? We loved helping with the clock project but “Piglet Must Die!!!!” is a bit extreme coming from you. You are the one who wouldn’t let me call someone“snot” as a kid.”

Well, dear child, and other readers of this blog – I have a confession to make. I don’t actually write for this site. I wanted to be able to send sentimental notes to dv8 in the closed comment section. The only way I could seem to do that was to be added to the list of contributors for the site. I am such a Computer-Lamer that I couldn’t figure out how to do it any other way. So, I surprised my sweetheart and hopelessly muddled his blog setup at the same time! If I hit the wrong key I can even re-publish his earlier posts, link to all kinds of odd stuff, and probably bring down a small third-world nation. “I am Lamer, hear me whimper…”

The point is that I will probably not write to this blog again except for the aforementioned sweet notes to dv8. This is the only post of mine unless I get more curious about web works than is good for me. Then I will clearly mark said post with a disclaimer: “Lamer Warning, Musicians Ahead”

P.S. To those who find this site from my blogger profile, I don’t know anything about bicycles. I know a bunch of you are serious bike guys and dv8 uses terms like “Schram gear cluster” here, but it is another vast field of which I have no knowledge. Ask me about madrigals, voice coaching, harps, head injuries and music therapy, or R.A.Heinlien. Or, of course, ask me whether or not Frischface should be teaching in American schools.

P.P.S. Yes, I do miss having you kids at home. I prescribe another trip out here for both of you soon! Sooner!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Piglet Must Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this fairly recent flap about whiney Muslims complaining about Piglet coffee cups in England caused me to buy this clock at Goodwill Industries. I had in mind what I wanted to do with the clock face, but alas, I have no artistic talent. Not long ago, Brandy, a talented artist did some much needed modifications with marker pen. Now reassembled, the clock resides in my kitchen.

Before putting the clock back together, I thought I'd scan it in and do a bit more digital doctoring to remove hidden lines that showed through the marker ink, bringing a couple of the numbers forward and a few other things like that. The result is below:

Now, the sword and turban were my idea. But from there, Brandy and her gang of co-conspirators got very creative, adding the black beard and marking Piglet's neck for decapitation!

By the way:

A Muslim goes into this bar, see, and the bartender... the bartender... he goes, um... (this is so great...) he goes: What'll you have? And, and and... the Muslim goes: BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's gonig on with blogger?

Sometimes I just don't get what's happening with the interface. It drives me nuts.


Wordwrap! That's what it is. If you have something that can't wrap, like, a long URL or something then it pushes the side menu to the bottom of the page. Well, at least one mystery is solved

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shrugg: Piglet Must Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shrugg: Piglet Must Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the article from the London Daily Telegraph explaining it all


I sent the following email to LGF and Gates of Vienna:

Piglet must die!!!

Well, it's a long story how it came to be, but back when Islamo-fascists and their dhimmi dupes in England were whining about Piglet, I started keeping a lookout for Pooh and Piglet clocks, and other such stuff--partially owing to the fact that my kitchen clock got broken accidentally by an exceptionally tall fellow some months ago. I have no artistic talent, but I had in mind a number of alterations that might be done with the appropriate characters. So, when I found this clock, I saw right away what had to be done. I stuck it up on my wall and waited for someone with a bit of artistic expertise to show up. My prayers were answered when my daughter brought two very artistically oriented friends along with her on a visit home. They enthusiastically undertook to modify the clock and even added a number of clever touches such as the dotted line and the beard on pooh. (I had originally pictured the sword and the turban only.

Anyway, it’s at if anyone is interested.

Keep up the great work!