Friday, December 22, 2006

No More Comments!!!!!!!!

I'm turning them off. The effort that is needed for reading them and answering them is too much for me. One aggravating post requires too much of my attention and wastes too much of my time trying to think of how to answer it. Even a thought provoking comment that warrants a deep and thoughtful response causes me to spend much more time than I want to spend. The rewards are few, as far as I can see. And really, since this blog is about what I think, first and foremost, what do I care about comments? I mean duh! Look at this!! This very post is being entered because of comments intruding in my life. Here I am having to take time out of my evening (instead of sleeping) to make this post, and change my settings back to the way they were, as well as removing all comments except for the few that belong here (because I made them, or because they were made by a member of this blog).


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