Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Progressive, the new “P”-word

What about the P-word, anyway?

My question would be: “Progressive” toward what, comrade? Central planning?!?

Seriously, the reason the word “liberal” even means “democratic socialist” in America is because in the 1930s communists very deliberately co-opted the term. And now, like a plague of locusts, they have moved on to pervert another term.

I submit that socialism is neither liberal--a word which actually means something closer to “Libertarian”--nor progressive. To use a musical analogy, socialism is more like beating on skins and shaking beads and rattles than it is like Gentle Giant or Steve Vai or other progressive music. Progressive here meaning more complicated, deeper, more challenging, more thematically and texturally complex, more individualistic--in a nutshell, better.

Calling backward, evil ideas “progressive” is nothing more than the perversion of a word by a group of people who has no qualms about such perversion and has left a litter of perverted words behind them. These are the same people who call indoctrination “Critical Thinking,” a 19 year old ignoramus a “Mentor,” and a blind retard in a wheel chair an “honored citizen.” A more appropriate term, particularly given the failure of socialism all over the world, would be “Regressive.”


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