Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bike Stuff

Once again my bike is upside down. I'm forever trying to get it to shift better by messing with the derailleurs and the like. I got a cheap used Shimano front to see if it would do better than the crappy old SRAM I had, but I'm not seeing much improvement--a bit though, so that's good. I wish there was a front derailleur that was made to accommodate such a large gear spread.


My old SRAM worked better. I'm putting it back on. I'm thinking of creating my own derailleur--designing it to work with much wider gear spreads. One idea I had was to use a rear derailleur as a front one. That would look weird, but might work. Another idea is to create a rotating pusher. Maybe. Something like that might get the pusher closer to the chainrings. The SRAM worked the best, because it sunk down farther than the shimano, which must have been designed for a big road bike. Hard to say....

Barring all that, a middle chainring with some ramp ups, or kickups, or whatever they're called, might improve things. So I either find another 37 or 38T or file some kickups into the one I have now. Maybe I'll file one in and see if it works. If it does, I'll add three more.


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