Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Self Referencing???

Funny thing:

I've been wondering lately what makes an individual an individual. Because it's not any kind of trend following--that's for sure. It's when someone not only doesn't follow trends, but actually doesn't care about trends at all. It's when someone is concerned with their own life--their own business--not someone else's idea of what that life or business should be.

I'll tell you right now, if you wear some kind of ugly glasses, then it's probably not you.

And I hate to disappoint you, but if you have bits of metal stuck into your face, it's probably not you either.

All that kind of stuff is just more conformity. But, except for not actually defining yourself, but rather, being defined by others, you get all the emotional benefits of being an individual without the downside of actually being one. (Okay, so I'm being sarcastic)

Just once, I'd like to meet someone else who is self-referencing.

I'd like to meet you if:

  • You're a black guy who grew up in NE Portland that doesn't talk and dress like a bling-ass fucking gang retard. (And it doesn't count if you're black and grew up in Raleigh Hills and went to private school either. Because then you most likely dress, talk, think, and act like all the idiots there.)
  • Everyone in your family is a Democrat and you're a Republican.
  • All the kids in your school carry a backpack, but you carry a briefcase. I could give lots more examples, but it's late and I'll leave off with just these three. But you probably get the idea.

    And for all three examples I gave, you don't care how much shit you get for not conforming to the group's--not to mention outsider's--idea of how you should fall into place.

    I know you're out there in the general population, but I wonder what percent you comprise. One Percent? Surely less than that. I have sat in the food court at Lloyd Center for countless hours, and in all that time, I only saw one teenage black kid that wasn't wearing the "black kid" uniform. Unfortunately, he was wearing the white rocker kid uniform, so I'm not exactly sure if I'd call him an individual, but at least it's clear he chose to do what he liked instead of what every one else was doing--unless he came from a suburb where he's surrounded by white rocker kids.

    Where are the unique individuals?

    Almost nowhere; but, whoever you are, I'd like to meet you. I'm serious, I really would.


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